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Possible causes and remedy
Excess median diameter and insufficient outside diameter
1. Main live axle too far;
2. Hydraulic time too short;
3. Hydraulic pressure too low
Excess median diameter and acceptable outside diameter
Excess workpiece diameter
Acceptable median diameter and insufficient outside diameter
Insufficient workpiece diameter
Acceptable median diameter and excess outside diameter
Excess workpiece diameter
Insufficient median diameter and excess outside diameter
1. Insufficient center distance of main axle;
2. Excess hydraulic time;
3. Excess hydraulic pressure
Median diameter not conical and outside diameter conical
Conical workpiece
Insufficient conical median diameter
2 rolling dies not parallel
Particles or flakes from hydraulic pressure
1. Tooth location not properly adjusted;
2. Excess hydraulic time
Workpiece jumps up under hydraulic pressure
1. Excess height of supporting shoe;
2. Two rolling dies with different diameters
Workpiece screw top worn
1. Supporting shoe too low;
2. Insufficient degree of supporting surface finish
rolling die thread face-off damaged
1. rolling die face-off excessively steep or small
2. Rolling die end surfaces not in alignment
Workpiece radial movement under hydraulic pressure
1. Excess or insufficient workpiece diameter;
2. Excess or insufficient rolling die diameter;
Pressure meter hand vibration
Oil suction blocked
Main live axle feeding too slow
1. Pipe leaks, to be repaired;
2. Oil cylinder seal damage; to be replaced
Main live axle vibrates while feeding and returning
1. Air in oil cylinder, to be discharged;
2. Lack of lubrication oil in sliding sleeve; to be added lubrication oil
Oil temperature too high
1. Excess oil viscosity;
2. Excess time for hydraulic pressure;
3. Excess hydraulic pressure;
4. Ambient temperature too high; cooler added
Failure to increase the pressure
1. Oil pump damaged; to be replaced
2. Insufficient oil viscosity; new oil to be used
3. Overflow relief valve failed; to be replaced
Oil with bubbles
Oil level too low in the tank or air in oil pump
Main live axle fails feed motion
Oil pump motor rotates in wrong direction.
Main live axle fails return motion
Return spring does not work.
High temperature of workpiece
1. Main axle rotation speed too fast;
2. Feed speed too fast;
3. Excess hydraulic pressure
rolling die broken or cracked
1. workpiece shoulder contacts rolling die end surface;
2. workpiece shoulder contacts supporting shoe end surface;
3.Supporting shoe not properly located and workpiece stuck
4. Excess feed to thread length
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